About Us

A Voice for Business

• The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI) is a Non-Profit Organisation

• We are affiliated with the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) which gives us a National voice for local business

• Together, we have a strong influence at our local municipality

• Business matters are discussed at Local Municipal level and taken to Regional and National level when needed

• Standing together as a business community enables us to have greater impact. More members mean a louder voice!

• Remember: A chamber is a Voice for Business at Local, Provincial and National level

• Join now and make the NCCI even stronger!

Opportunities to Network

• In the 21st century, the World Wide Web plays an integral role in communication; members can make use of the NCCI network to connect with other businesses

• Members are not only listed on the NCCI website but you will find a description and logo of their business too

• The NCCI website is not just an index of members, it is a source of information to find whom to network with

• A link to a member’s business website is placed on the NCCI website

• When members host events, the Chamber will post these events on the NCCI network

• The NCCI office will even email business specials to other members

• Local Chamber of Commerce members are able to invest in the local demographic via the NCCI network

• Through the Chamber network, members are able to dedicate themselves to protect and promote the local business community

• The Chamber is a vehicle for business to network, which will in turn grow their own business

• As the membership of the Chamber grows so does the network opportunities with other businesses

• So, why wait any longer? Become part of a growing network of businesses by joining today!