During the recent AGM of the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a new Executive committee was elected and will take office with immediate effect.

During his annual address, the President of the Chamber, Mr Johnny Clark briefly touched on a few issues that have impacted on Chamber members and our region during the past year.

He commented that there has been a noticeable and positive shift by local government towards the implementation and delivery of urgently needed resources. It remains a challenge to priorities some of the core elements that need to be addressed, however, we can agree that the following need further and urgent attention:

• Road infrastructure in the CBD.
(Including traffic management and
• Parking meters.
• Regulation of informal trade.


Local government spending of budget allocations, political stability and taking ownership/accountability will play a key role in the implementation of the budget for the following financial term. To propagate that we are the champion town/ region regarding some business issues is one thing, but to maintain that performance needs extraordinary effort and commitment from all stake holders.

Surely this creates opportunities for business to engage with local government and deliver the “awakening blow” towards economic growth in our region. Relations between business and local government need to be addressed, focused and strengthened to form constructive partnerships and decision-making opportunities. It remains one of four key objectives in maintaining a high level of support and cooperation between ourselves and local government.

The chamber will be embarking on a process to register as a non-profit organisation to enable our members to share in the benefits of such an organisation. We will also work towards implementing activities that will include training, mentoring and coaching workshops for our existing members and future upcoming businesses.


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