SACCI Press Release: Business Reaction to Constitutional Court Ruling

SACCI Media Release


01 April 2016



                                                                     Business Reaction to Constitutional Court Ruling


In a statement issued today, the CEO of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), Mr Alan Mukoki, said



Our Constitutional Democracy has been demonstrated, through these various events, to be alive and well. We need to be appreciative that this process has put our various constitutional processes to the test. And there can be no doubt, that this was the ultimate acid test for our nation. What’s more, this entire process has been conducted in an open and transparent way for all our citizens to see our systems at work.

This ruling says a lot about the resilience of our democracy and our watchdog institutions- these have come through with flying colours, and the integrity of our legal system, our judiciary, our watchdog Public Protector’s Office (which has done sterling work in the face of stiff resistance).

It’s a moment when South Africans can stand tall in the belief that our system is robust, and above all- it works.

This has to be a good message for South African business and for our economy.




Alan Mukoki – CEO                                                                                082 551 1159

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