Power system’s update


Tuesday, 4 November 2014: Eskom has not needed to implement load shedding since Sunday. We are however aware that certain suburbs in the north and south of Johannesburg are without electricity due to a technical fault on the Municipality’s Prospect Substation and the restoration process is under way.


At Majuba, the team is working around the clock to recover capacity at the power station and their efforts have already spared the country from load shedding on Monday and Tuesday. We are hopeful that their efforts will enable us to avoid load shedding entirely this week.


The Majuba Power Station has ramped up to generating capacity of 1 200MW which has helped significantly with the management of our dam levels at our peaking power stations which use water to generate electricity.


The system will remain constrained on Wednesday and Thursday and Eskom appeals to consumers to reduce their electricity usage throughout the day, but especially from 18h00 to 22h00. Please switch off geysers, air conditioners, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances to prevent the need for rotational load shedding.


Should we need to go into load shedding, customers will be alerted as early as possible.

While we will make every effort to avoid load shedding, we are hopeful that by applying these measures, coupled with support from all electricity consumers, we will achieve the required load reduction necessary to protect the national grid.


Eskom’s load shedding schedules are available for Eskom direct customers on our website ( Customers can also contact our call centre 0860 037 566 for additional information. Load shedding schedules will only be utilised for the duration of the constraint and Eskom will provide regular updates on the status of the power system.


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